A Renovated Historical Treasure

A Renovated Historical Treasure

Nestled in the Briarde countryside, La Ferme du Colombier offers bed and breakfast accommodation in a beautifully renovated former granary. This historic building, characteristic of local architecture, has been carefully restored, retaining its original beams and rustic charm.
Briare granaries are renowned for their sturdy structure and historic functionality, designed to maximize aeration and crop preservation.
Renovations carried out by the owners have respected the period architecture while integrating modern amenities for the comfort of visitors. Rooms such as Linen, Bordeaux and Blue combine tradition and modernity, offering a warm and welcoming setting. Exposed beams and original materials create a unique ambience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in history while enjoying all contemporary conveniences.
Below you’ll find photos of period photographs of the building. These historical images allow you to see the evolution of the granary, from its original state to its transformation into a warm and welcoming home. They illustrate the history of the granary, showing how it was once used. These pictures take you on a journey back in time, revealing the preserved beauty and heritage of this emblematic building.

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